Featured policies:

The following are formal policies that provide our employees with guidance and Company-wide expectations regarding social responsibility and environment, health and safety:

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
We conduct our business in a consistent manner in line with our long established values, which encompass quality service to our customers and making positive contributions to the communities where we do business. Corporate social responsibility is an extension of the way we have done, and will continue to do, our business. We reaffirm our commitment and will:
 Maintain the highest standards of business and personal integrity as detailed in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
 Maintain our commitment to an equal employment opportunity workforce and encourage diversity.
 Routinely monitor, assess and report on our conformity with this policy.

Environment, Health & Safety Policy
We recognize that excellence in Environment, Health & Safety performance is an essential part of our goal of becoming the leading independent Marine and Logistics Service Company. To accomplish this, we will:  Provide the leadership and resources that will enable our workforce to meet improvement objectives and targets.
 Comply with applicable environment, health & safety laws and regulations.
 Provide internal standards for our managers and employees where controlling laws and regulations do not exist or are considered insufficient.
 Communicate regularly with the communities where we operate to develop and maintain a mutual understanding of goals and expectations.

Resources Policy
The company’s resources policy is based on the utilization of highly skilled and experienced personnel and equipment for all project activities. The operations personnel are selected individuals with both marine expertise and personal values that endorse the corporate value systems of providing a world-class service.