Port and terminal management


Port and terminal management:
Our personnel with high-level executive expertise enables us to bring in pragmatic knowledge to port and terminal management while also providing a wide array of operational experiences in a wide variety of development projects giving our clients the benefits of our long experience in port and terminal operation, the structuring of operating concessions and other negotiations. Our high quality services on port and terminal management operations covers all of our customers satisfaction of shipping requirements including:

1. Port Agent (To handle any of your agency matter).
2. Attending Ships entry into/from - arrival/departure of West African Ports.
3. Arranging ships berthing and unberthing - loading unloading operations
4. Taking care of ships on spot and smooth dispatch.
5. Arranging Port D/A, Port Info’s, Port Restrictions.
6. Arranging ships loading unloading ship to ship, lightening, lighter age.
7. Tugs & Barges Charterer/Operator.
8. Husbandry and Owners Representative Agent.
9. Attending ship crew change, signing on/signing off, invitation letters and formalities.
10. Attending Ships Survey, cargo surveyor, On/Off Hire Survey.

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