Offshore & Land Based Bunkering Operations:


Offshore & Land Based Bunkering Operations:
We also specialize and are licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to provide coastal and bunkering vessels services to supply clean refined petroleum products of varied capacities and within internationally acceptable properties as measured by its density, viscosity, flashpoint, Sulphur content, water content, etc.

Our products are obtained after thorough laboratory analysis and confirmed to be free of water and low in its sulphuric contents before being declared to our clients as ready for delivery. This careful and detailed operational procedure is strictly followed with due consideration of the machineries of our clients as the quality of the fuel used in powering these expensive equipment determines its functionality and durability for the purposes they were engaged.

We engage various classes of vessels ranging from 5,000 to 50,000DWT to ensure we cover the full range of our clients requirements, notwithstanding the quantity demanded per time. Our range of services under our bunkering operations include but not limited to the following:

a. Evacuation and delivery of petroleum products to various discharge ports within and outside the Nigerian territorial waters.
b. Evacuation and delivery of petroleum products to supply vessels and other installations offshore.
c. Conduction of Ship-to-Ship transfer of petroleum cargo between vessels offshore.
d. Deployment of vessels with adequate tank capacity as floating storage to facilitate cargo evacuation and trans-shipment as may be necessary.
e. Deployment of trucks and facilities for the delivery of petroleum products to offices, warehouses, operational locations, etc.
f. Bunkering consultancy and Advisory services to aid clients planning and management of her bunkering logistics activities.

Our services are discharged with the highest level of safety standards in accordance with International safety rules.

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